Garden Snare (Shade House for the Kreeger Garden) was a shelter design for an enclosed garden site at the Kreeger Museum in Washington, DC. The sculpture was built with a steel frame and covered in semi transparent shadecloth. In a effort to suggest a certain porousness with the natural surroundings emerald green was used instead of white or black.

The structure was built with two accessible tall chambers with openings that offered relief from the sun, but framed a view of the sky. Entry into either of the twin chambers required one to stoop and slip into the interior space, but once inside these low doors allowed for a sense of complete enclosure.

Garden Snare operated as more of a gentle embrace than many of the earlier paper membrane or steel hide structures, but this shade sanctuary also suggested a complex trap.

Garden Snare, 1998
Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC
shadecloth, steel

Garden Snare (Shade House), 2005
Material Terrain curated by Carla Hanzel and Glen Harper
Laumier Sculpture Park and Museum, St. Louis, MO
shadecloth, steel

Blue Cube

Garden Snare