These paired forms were a revisiting of earlier highrise vessel works, here scaled and sighted to converse with the two 64-foot pylons that anchor the Soleri Bridge in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Soleri Bridge and Plaza were created by artist, architect and philosopher Paolo Soleri and serves as a pedestrian passage, solar calendar, and gathering place. Situated at a true north axis, the Soleri Bridge is intended to mark solar events produced by the sun’s shadow.  The six-inch gap between both sets of pylons allows the sun to create a shaft of light as the earth moves. At summer solstice in June when the sun is highest in the sky, no shadow is cast. At winter solstice in December when the sun is lowest in the sky, the shadow is the longest, reaching to the bridge structure. The spring and fall equinox are also noted and celebrated and Dual Apparitions was installed for the 2013 Spring Equinox “Canal Convergence.”

Dual Apparitions offered shade from the intense heat and at a distance resembled buoyant vessels. Each is assembled out of steel frames covered in greenhouse shadecloth. Offering accessible interiors they are both object and place, the circular opening at the top of each dome an oculus.

Dual Apparitions, 2013
Soleri Bridge, Scottsdale, AZ
shadecloth, steel