Parabiosis III is a small sculpture constructed out of steel and shadecloth. As with all of the works in the Parabiosis series, Parabiosis III is a model for an imagined city. However in this work I returned to the green shadecloth used in a earlier work, Garden Snare (Shadehouse), in an effort to suggest a porous shelter that might merge imperceptibly with a bulging hilly landscape.

Also, I imagined that this parabiosis city might not have formed through an accumulation of modules or through grow by region, but rather that it bloomed from a seed into full form. A short 3-D computer animated film was the result of an investigation into this notion of the city as a bud that bloomed.

Parabiosis III was also designed in way that played with the notion of a set horizon line or ground level. A kind of mirror image form extends from some regions so that the city appears to be floating or embedded in porous ground.

Parabiosis III, 2005
Material Terrain curated by Carla Hanzel
Laumier Sculpture Park and Museum, St. Louis, MO
shadecloth, steel








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