My initial study in microbiology and my interest in the built environment have led me to create sculptures informed by both industrial design and by biological morphology. My aim is to articulate a form or grouping of forms that appear to have been built with a precise blueprint, while at the same time to contradict this with some demonstration of the structure or structures as dynamic system.

Parabiosis VII designed specifically for the Agave Branch Library in Phoenix was intended to be seen from numerous vantage points throughout the library and to converse with the oval shaped main library desk below, the circular skylights above, and the crisp changing Arizona light penetrating the space. Constructed with a kind of torque and asymmetrical grouping that I hope will be resonant with the notion of biological growth, this new work reflects a shift towards greater complexity in the combination and collision of components in my design. For me, the work is like an organism that has filled with a deep breath or a cluster of dirigibles in suspended animation.

Parabiosis VII
, 2009
Commissioned by Agave Library, Phoenix, AZ

shade-cloth, steel, aircraft cable

Model City

Model City